Faygo Red Pop

Faygo RedPop 2011 copyright Douglas Stocdale

I am sure that everyone has in their past, some food or drink that seems to provide an immediate passport to their youth. Recently visiting some friends in Valencia (SoCal), my buddy Peter dragged me into a new (soda) store claiming that he had found the magic elixir of youth. Growing up in Southern Michigan as I did, he knew of the legendary mythical drink called RedPop.


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  1. I am new to the Faygo experience having grown up in SoCal. I have friends from Detroit who absolutely idolize the stuff. I discovered it in one of those retro soda pop stores ( Rocket Fizz) while looking for pop art subjects for a series of paintings.
    Weird taste yet strangely likable. So instead of those old retro Coke bottles which I was going to paint I decided to do a Faygo series .
    Here’s the results of my painting if you’re interested…

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