Kellie’s 5K Challenge – Week One

OC 5K course – Douglas Stockdale 2012

Week one of my 5K challenge was interesting and a bag of mixed results.

First the good news, I did work on this for the entire week and I am convinced that I can complete a 5K in under an hour. For most of you, I am assuming that you are now very impressed with my galloping, heart wrenching blaze of glory. Me too!

I have a 5K training course plotted out which is not so easy and I have started using it. Woppee! I now have two pair of running shoes, one if not both, might work, jury is still out on both of them. But one pair will get me over the finish line, that I am sure of. Meanwhile I received from Paul Butzi an alternative shoe to look at, the Merrell “barefoot” shoes, which if I understand is a mid-foot strike similar to my new pair of Skechers. Does make me wonder how many photographers are also runners. Also some new running shorts and shirts, whose logos are proving to be a big power boost.

On the down side, not exactly able to maintain even a light jog yet for the entire course, and worse, my knees are beginning to haunt me again, both if I try to out right run and the following morning. A big concern as I do not want to be heading down the path to knee replacement surgery. A friend and sister-in-law have illustrated that this is a painful alternative. So maybe I can sneak a bike into the eventual 5K run?

Oh, and I did lose one pound, but that must be a result of converting huge masses of flab to dense powerful muscle. I will know for sure when my pants are not quite so tight around the waist.

Best regards, Doug


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