Synthesis – allowing a concept to simmer

04-19-07 LianYunGang_2942 10x8

Untitled (LianYunGang) copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale

I will have to admit; I have been allowing the work that I completed in China a few years ago to simmer for some time. I sometimes take a little longer duration to sort out how I want to present one of my conceptual investigations. Looking at my body of work from this period, it appears a little divergent and at odds, a mashup of sharply focused photographs amongst some very blurry photographs, with an ambiguous undercurrent with all of them. To help sort out my concept, I journey about them here, with the act of writing as part of my process.

As a result, sometimes it all kinda of gels, as this project seems to have this past weekend. Part internalization, part discussion, part observing and then serendipity seems to provide the glue. Not very rational, but I try to remain open to the process.



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