Project feedback

01-15-08 JiaShan_1576 108

Untitled (JiaShan) copyright 2008 Douglas Stockdale

While at the LA Art Book Fair yesterday, I used a page from my own photobook development workshop, that is to obtain feedback from somebody you trust to review a project that is in progress.

I belive that an artists needs to obtain some self-checks during the concept development process. First is an idea bounce, does it seem congruent? Then time to work the concept, but then later some checks and feedback during the process; am I hitting my mark (intent)? For the concept I am developing is the work consistent with that concept? Sometimes I become too insular and perhaps while working on a project, the work starts to drift and all of sudden I realize that I am not where I thought I wanted to be. BTW, that can also be a good thing, so I don’t discount the muddling process of development, sometimes that can be essential part of the investigation.

And the feedback was very positive, so I am continuing to develop my concept for Flow of Light Brush the Shadow. In fact I am writing this while the printer hummmms in the background for some new prints for this project.

BTW one of the other reasons for attending the LA Art Book Fair (yes, I did bring back to the studio another arm full of photobooks, darn) was discussing with various publishers the projects that they have in progress to determine if there is a fit with my current project. Perhaps, as I realize that the concept of my project is dead-on with what the contemporary publishers are considering, but my photographic process is not.



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