Faux Polaroid – Lomo Camera FX


Untitled (Reata, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

When I posted in Facebook yesterday about looking for an alternative camera-phone app for a Polaroid appearance, I posted this photograph. The immediate feedback was that the image looked too sharp. Then it immediately dawned on me, in addition to recognizable traits of the Polaroid colors and contrast range was also the Polaroid image glow. The original Polaroid photographs were not tack sharp, maybe due to an inexpensive glass (plastic?) lens, the film and the entire image capture process. So I have been looking again at the some of my original Polaroid’s (below, SX-70 camera system) and confirmed that my faux Polaroid was indeed too sharp, and that this was my own fault.

When I download a digital image for any of my cameras, I know that due to the sensor design, the image needs some sharpening. So in a somewhat brainless fashion, I did my normal routine of image sharpening of the Lomo Camera FX “Polaroid”. Okay, these images do need a bit, but not has heavy handed as to cancel out the wonderful soft glowing “sharpness”. So my earlier photograph required a do-over (dialed back the Photoshop unsharp setting) and the updated faux Polaroid image is above.

Yep, looking much better but I still do not like the simulated light leak so still looking for another Polaroid app for the Samsung. Also as one guy stated on Facebook; the Polaroid type film is available again, so go buy out and buy the film. hmmmm, that suggestion seems too easy, nevertheless I am going to check it out what films there are available now. My mom & dad’s old SX-70 is long gone and I think I still have one old Polaroid camera hiding in one of the boxes in the gauge, so best see what I can find before venturing to the camera store.



Untitled (Casmere Street, Warren, Michigan, date unknown) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale


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