Internet infrastrature changes

122 03-19-15_Memory_Pods_131242_3_6x6

Memory Pod #122 copyright Douglas Stockdale 2014

Internet infrastructure changes is a fancy way of saying that my current internet sucks. I need a new system, but like all things, there are some complications. So for a short time I am adding some duplication and running the old system while getting the new system on line. Not an easy thing to do when I have been using the same email for the past 10 years, I have to figure out where I have used it and off course let everyone know about the change. Okay, more about this later, right now I am working on a new host for my web site and it appears that I will be using PhotoShelter as the back-bone for the web site. Nice templates and so far I can figure most of the stuff out to make it appear similar to my current site.

I would rather be working on my photographic projects than pretending I am an IT guy, but hopefully, I will not need to endure this again for a while once the transition is complete.


Oh, the image above was just framed for a group exhibition at BC Space (Laguna Beach) that is tentatively planed to open July 9th. More on that later.


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