Redesigning my web site – update


untitled (unseen series) Copyright 2015 Douglas Stockdale

I had been using Yahoo Small Business to help me host my web site, until just recently. Yahoo had become a part of my web hosting for my site that was started back in the then current days of DSL. Since then with the various internet company acquisitions, my domain became very convoluted to manage, especially as I was looking to upgrade to a much higher speed provider. And my web site needed a make-over; so this became a two-fer project; convert to high speed cable and improve the look of my web site.

So my summer project just came to an end; I am now running on high speed cable and a revised web site was launched. If you poke my web site now, there are no signs of what I was running on Yahoo. gone!

Not much to add about running a high speed cable or other high speed internet to support a web site or just using the internet; just took me a little too long to make the transition, my bad.

As to the web site, the backbone infrastructure is provided by PhotoShelter. I poked a bunch of options and had an opportunity to dummy up a couple of sites, before selecting PhotoShelter. I selected the minimum option that allowed my to point my domain name at PhotoShelter to create the web site. Technically, that meant I transferred by domain name from Yahoo to Network Solutions, then set up the links within Network Solution such that when my domain name url is punched in, seamless link to my web site hosted by PhotoShelter. very nice.

So why PhotoShelter? First, unlike basic web site hosting companies like SquareSpace, all of the PhotoShelter templates are designed for photographers. Second, I am a photobook artist, secondarily exhibiting photographer, thus I quickly found a contemporary photography template that would suite my needs. Third, relatively easy to learn and use; I had a mock-up site within an hour (since I am a IT dummy, easy to use was important!). PhotoShelter quickly populates related folders and has some other built in features that I did not need to figure out how to program, sweet! Last, it allowed me to quickly link up my two remaining blogs, this one and The PhotoBook for my book reviews and shout-outs, and link to Facebook.

Now that this part is complete, I need to spend some time adding more of my projects (content) to the web site. And I may even be posting here on this blog more often. cool!

Always something, eh?


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