When you know your in trouble

08-17-17_SCR-Out_of_the_Woods_2358_Ella_Webb with cast

South Coast Repertory (SCR) cast photo, Into the Woods, 2017 copyright Douglas Stockdale

A couple of days ago SCR had a “family day” free performance for the Young Players version of the play Into the Woods which fortunately Ella was cast as one of the “evil” step-sisters. So all the cast in costume were available for all of the parents and family to take group and individual members photographs. The “professional” photos were taken the previous day (I was not invited for that event, wonder why?).

Thus while the cast was being arranged on stage, I saw what I thought was a unique advantage point from the side of the stage to photograph Ella. From my experience as the event photographer for OCMA, I thought that I was being really carefully not to get into anybody else’s line of sight for their photographs. What I had not planned on is that enough of this young cast know who I am and when I started firing off a few quick frames, many of them turned to look at me. Not at the audience. And certainty NOT facing the Director of the play who was located on the opposite side. Opps!

Yes, I was a Bigly distraction and I quickly heard about it from the play’s Director as I was asked to move away and join the rest of the audience. Sigh.

But I had already got my shot (above)! So below a few of the formal photographs of the cast, as a group and in character.

Btw, a really, really well done performance by this young cast! A real pleasure to watch and enjoy.




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