Middle Ground – Book dummy development


Middle Ground, trimming for book dummy, January 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale

So with the WH rhetoric back in full gear about the absurd Trumpian-wall, a good kick in the behind to finish my Middle Ground project!

As I posted yesterday, while posting my seven day black & white challenge that in the studio I was continuing to work on my Middle Ground project. I now have a small selection of Middle Ground images, a mini-portfolio, up on my web site now. I also have the first edit printed and trimmed to size to create the book dummy.

For my photobook layout I have what I consider three layout options; alternating images f the marker numbers in a serial progress, second alternative is to include a few of the marker number photographs, still in a serial progression, or last just mix all of the images and markerts up. David Taylor in his photobook Monuments took the approach to sequence his images in a sequential progression of the monument numbers as a photo-documentary of this borderland landscape, which I find very effective (and maybe inspiration for an aspect of my project).

I had planned on making only one book dummy at this time, so having three layout options might change my thinking on this phase of the book development. Nevertheless first things first, so now assembling the first option and see how it reads. If I need to have a second or third book dummy, so be it.

Also a lot of pros and cons on the web as to when to talk about your photo project; how soon to announce it to everyone. More about that shortly. As you might guess, I have decided it is time to start ramping up my discussions about this work in progress.



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