2018 President’s Day reflection


Middle Ground, Book Dummy two, February 2018 copyright Douglas Stockdale

while on our ski vacation last week and the drive back over the past two days (yep, road trip from Southern California to Colorado and back again), I had a great opportunity to think about my various photographic projects, especially the current photobook that I have in development: Middle Ground.

Perhaps relevant that today I find myself working on a artist project that is essentially a political satire of the current person who is in America’s highest office and who will probably go down in American history as the greatest political mistake we have ever made. Meanwhile today is a good opportunity to celebrate at least 44 of the American Presidents, especially what a great and real American President we had with our 44th.

They say that at social events there are two taboo subjects are religion and politics, but I believe that if you don’t talk about our political problems that we will find your self heading down the same terrible path as Germany did in the late 1930’s with the Nazi’s. We made a terrible mistake in the US during the last election so time to work on making a much needed course correction in our 2018 mid-term elections later this year.

There is much to work on but for my part I am attempting to point out the political folly of spending billions of dollars on a wall between the US and Mexico. Funding for a stupid campaign pledge while attempting to destroy funding for the arts, Medicare, Medical, Social Security, environment protection and much needed medical services for those who are in need is really, really sad.

I have been in contact with a number of independent photobook publishers to see if they have the bandwidth to take on this book project and the response from one was interesting in that they called Middle Ground a “political protest book”. This is an interesting take on my project as I have been thinking it is a political satire and had not considered it as an artistic protest, a bit more of an activist word. So perhaps Middle Ground is about political protest which in turn does expand the conceptual scope a little more for me.

Photograph of the book dummy #2 (book dummy at scale) above is the top view of my proposed leporello book design. Regretfully for the first quote from a book printer & bindery the costs appear to be very high for this design (production cost  the same as the anticipated selling price is not a good combination). So I will be reaching out to a few more folks over the week for additional production quotes as well as working on some other Leporello design options to get the production costs more in line with what I need.

If you are interested in Middle Ground, drop me a line (doug@douglasstockdale.com) to be put on my waiting list; the more books that I can sell, the larger the book’s production run and the better my cost per book pricing will be!

Thanks in advance to all of those who want to help me get this book out there and stop the chaos and folly.


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  1. I love creative and artistic responses to the chaos around us. It helps to keep my head from spinning off my shoulders. Looking forward to your book.

  2. I second your words, Doug. Unfortunately Germany too now has to deal with right wing and openly racist members of parliament, and this brown swamp has befallen a lot of other European countries, too. Time for young and fearless people like Emma Gonzalez to speak out loud – I hope their movement will be successful.

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