Diary; September 25th – book workshop morphing

04-24-20 KI6A6909v1 off-kilter-04v1

Just a quick heads-up that due to the pandemic and still the need to social distance here in Southern California, my book workshop is morphing into a virtual event via Zoom. We are still working on the details and dates, but should still be launching at the end of next month (September).

Preparing for this change of events does provide me a healthy appreciation for all of the issues surrounding going back to school and the teachers needing to adapt to a virtual classroom. Last spring I think when schools abruptly stopped having classes and initiated virtual teaching, it was more temporary in nature. It just happened, without much chance to plan and prepare. I think many progressive and data-driven teachers, administrators and school systems saw the need to be better prepared for virtual education for this fall. From what I am hearing, the virtual course work is much better planned. So I am feeling some of the similar angst of how to inspire others in the book arts, when I can not be front and center with the physical books to thumb through.

Thus my Memory Pod image Off-kilter, above, just seems apropos; I am feeling a little bit of heater-skelter while working on all the moving parts.

Btw, is there really a need to title these posts as Diary entries? I have tried it for the past two months and does not seem to be working all that well for me. So next month I will go back to making up post titles as I have for the past eleven years.

Cheers & stay safe,


P.S. also have an exhibition of my Memory Pods series in a San Diego gallery that will be announced shortly; stay tuned.


My other exhibitions and workshops:

Medium Photo 2020 Workshop: Developing a Creative Book workshop that I will be leading, is now rescheduled for September 24 – 27th, 2020, a four-day extended weekend workshop in San Diego.

January 16th – February 13th; the Memory Pod series exhibition in San Diego; more details very soon.


Featured artwork; Off-kilter (Memory Pods), copyright 2020, Douglas Stockdale


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