Quantum Elements abstractions – Experiment/Play

LSTa091959-06 copyright 2020 Douglas Stockdale

As I have stated in the past, one of my artistic options is to use Experiment/Play to try out some wild-ass stuff. This methodology always seems to lead to interesting ideas and usually gets me into some kind of creative trouble, nevertheless what I consider ‘good’ trouble.

With my Quantum Elements abstractions, the basic image capture is just the starting point. This is my COVID artistic series, and so far, I have gone through three different phases in the development of the work, and I think each of which has occurred because I have allowed myself the option to Experiment/Play.

This might be considered the fourth phase with a new set of Experiment/Play images. To my eye, this is a little bit further abstraction of what I have developed so far. Which is say, the artwork that results resembles less and less what I was starting with. Which at the moment works fine for me.

I continue to print this new series on the Hahnemuehle Rag Metallic medium in my studio and may chose one of these to print on the dye sublimation aluminum again as a potential alternative (need a good print lab for the dye-sub work). The artwork in this post will be printed 24 x 30″, and potentially larger. First to see how it looks at 24 x 30″. I am guessing it will be impressive.

This artwork does not have any of the representational appearance of traditional photography and many have less engagement with those doing street, nature, documentary, or landscape photography, much of which I have posted here in the past. So I hope you all enjoy this new venture and continue to follow along.




Featured artwork, above; LSTa091959-06 (Quantum Elements) copyright 2020 Douglas Stockdale


Exhibition, Portfolio Reviews & Workshops

Update: February 20th – March 20th 2021; Photographs’s Eye gallery, Escondido, CA, a solo exhibition of my Memory Pods series (lens-based photography). Exhibition reception February 20th, 3-7pm.

January 21 – 24th, 2021; Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP), EXPOSURE WEEKEND, a series of virtual portfolio reviews, and I will be on the team of available portfolio reviewers available that weekend. Sign-ups start December 1st. More information here.

March 2021; Developing Your Creative Photo Book, a workshop that I am leading again in collaboration with Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP). (update) March 13 – 14th, and 20-21st from 9am – noon PST. Four days, two consecutive weekends, a virtual workshop on Zoom, with time between sessions to develop your book dummy. Sign-up here.

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