Science + rainwater = caustic networks

LSTa0053 copyright Douglas Stockdale 2021

I am still working with my images from my last day-trip down to the local creek. This image, LSTa0053, is another interesting mashup of caustic networks with other refractions. I note that there is almost a transition point between the basic two types of refractions, something I will explore during future experiments. I am also really enjoying the change in quality of my dielectric medium (clear rainwater in the creek).

Btw, for the science-geeks or those really interested in how Quantum Mechanics is starting to impact your lives (e.g. wild and crazy televisions coming your way), there is a series of articles by physicist Miguel F. Morales who has taken on the herculean task of explaining quantum mechanics to the rest of us laymen in a seven-part series (no math!). This series is being published on ARS Technica. It’s pretty interesting series, although he has yet to get directly into caustic networks found in creek water, he does explain how this attribute of particle physics can be used do determine the size of stars and other planets in the universe. wow.

Meanwhile, I have been busy promoting my solo exhibition of my Memory Pods series and I need to start promoting my next book development workshop in March with LACP. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And there is a super bowl football game on later this afternoon. So who to root for; the young gun with KC or the old man with Tampa? hmmmm, we have family and friends in both K.C. and Tampa. Should be interesting…

Final artwork above is printed 24 x 36″, archival pigment on Rag Metallic, edition of 5 (2AP) if you are interested.




Featured artwork, above; LSTa0053 (Quantum Elements copyright 2021 Douglas Stockdale


Exhibition & Workshop

February 20th – March 20th 2021; Photographs’s Eye gallery, Escondido, CA, a solo exhibition of my Memory Pods series (lens-based photography). Artist exhibition reception February 20th, 3-7pm. Due to pandemic restrictions in San Diego county, you will need to sign-up for the artist reception due to the group size limitations inside the gallery at one time. NEW: Artist talk February 25th, 5:30 – 7:00 pm (PST), sign-up here.

March 13-14, 20-21, 2021; Developing Your Creative Photo Book, a workshop that I am leading again in collaboration with Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP). Workshop dates are March 13 – 14th, and March 20-21st from 9am – noon PST. Four days, two consecutive weekends, a virtual workshop on Zoom, with time between sessions to develop your book dummy. Sign-up here.


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