Staged in Rome

I must admit that while staging a lot of photographs on my international travels, some of these seemed to work out pretty well while others not-so-much. At the time I thought that is hotel set-up was pretty cool. This room had a weird layout that it was a very deep room; lots of space between the bed and the window, desks, table and chairs. So it was like a little studio in which I could move the props around. A weird Hollywood set located in Rome, but what I had to work with at the time.

Which is another random element for this series; working with what you are dealt with. When I had to fly into Zurich a number of times for another of my client projects, I became familiar enough with the hotel that I could start requesting specific rooms that had a viewpoint that I enjoyed photographing from. A nice luxury, but that is the exception, not the norm…

In retrospect for this photograph above, I don’t like the chair on the right in relationship to the empty glass-top table. There are elements of the “missing-person” that I was attempting to create, but now it just seems a bit too forced. Then there is the overlapping chair on the left that appears too close to the glass-top table and over-laps the model; just too bunched together. Maybe that creates some underlying tension; I am just not sure.

So for the moment, this photograph is in my back-up alternative pile for my Instant Nomad book-dummy. It would be nice to fly back to Rome and photograph a do-over!




Featured photograph; Instant Nomad #5130 copyright Douglas Stockdale


2 thoughts on “Staged in Rome

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  1. Hi, Douglas,

    I like all the elements in this photograph, and the composition is perfect.

    I will list the pieces that you have included in the photograph, that build an attractive story for me.

    – the distance from the camera, to the subject, adds intrigue. – the pattern, repeat, in the carpet, with its wide black border, adds shape, and form. – the gold on gold tones are rich. – the burgundy shirt, juxtaposed, with the casual blue jeans, is a nice contrast. – the ceiling, with reflected light, adds shape. – the lux mirror, with its reflection, adds a shining surface – the framed artwork on the side walls, are opposing, but symmetrical. – the dual, matching lamp lights, create a great symmetry, and balance. – the chairs are at perfect angles. – the activity at desk, implies interest – the “stage” styling, is wonderful. I like the way the boxed set-up, with drapes, portrays an act in a play. – the arrangement and perspective are really beautiful.

    Great work, Douglas. Keep going. This is a very interesting series. So unique. Jody Luetto

    1. Jody, thank you!! I appreciate that you found this mini-drama so intriguing and the variety of details that engaged your interest. Really nice feedback as to how the various elements seem to work together for you. Love the encouragement!

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