Developing a Creative Photo Book – Medium Photo workshop

Book-dummy copyright Douglas Stockdale

I am very honored to announce my third annual book development workshop in conjunction with Medium Photo for next September.

Last year this Medium Photo workshop, Developing a Creative Book, due to the COVID-19 pandemic had taken some interesting twists and turns. We ended up having a virtual workshop on Zoom rather than a traditional face-to-face event that turned out much better than I had anticipated. Okay, I am not a video guy, so it required a little coaching and having a techie safe-net near-by. Now I feel like a pro having lead multiple Zoom workshops, wondering what was all the fuss? Nevertheless this workshop was extremely successful and as many others have found out, a virtual workshop can be completed from the safety and comfort of home.

We have slightly modified this virtual workshop (I believe for the better for everyone involved) to three-hour Zoom virtual segments spread over a span of four days starting on Saturday, September 11th, then Sunday, Sept 12th, a week to work the book-dummy in between, then back again on Saturday, Sept 18th, finishing on Sunday, Sept 19th. These four sessions take place from 9am till noon (Pacific Std Time).

One of the fascinating aspects of a virtual workshop format in addition to an opportunity for everyone participating from far and wide, we are going to have two special guest speakers. First is David Chickey, the Publisher and Creative Director of Radius Book, Santa Fe, NM, followed by Elizabeth Avedon, independent curator, photobook and exhibition designer, New York City. I have interviewed Avedon for PhotoBook Journal, an article which can be found here. These two guests are going to add a really nice dimension to this workshop.

To borrow the hype from Medium Photo’s shout-out about this workshop:

It is an opportunity for artists in all media (not just photography) currently working on, or planning to start a project that will result in a book publication. Whether you plan to pitch book submissions to a publisher or self-publish your artist book, this workshop is meant to help you create a book that meets your artistic vision. A small body of photographs to work with: 15 – 20 small images is required to help the participants to work towards their publishing goal.

Artist monographs and hand made books are an increasingly important component to a robust creative career and a powerful marketing tool for any artist working today. This four-day workshop is an opportunity to develop a working book dummy while exploring the creative possibilities of the art book market. Each book produced by participants will be a useful model whether you intend to self-publish or work with a publisher to produce a larger print run.”

I am really looking forward to sharing my interest in creating and developing artist and photographic books. As a virtual workshop it will be really nice to turn around and pull from my library a book to discuss or make a point with during our time together. Another opportunity during a virtual workshop is to instantly access the 600+ books that I have reviewed over the past twelve years as the Senior Editor and founder of the PhotoBook Journal to help illustrate a concept or discuss a related book design.

I am looking forward to having you join me, it will be fun and intense. Let me know if you have any questions.




Workshop; NOTE; Workshop has been delayed into March 2022

Developing a Creative Photo Book, a virtual (Zoom) workshop I will be leading again in conjunction with Medium Photo, September 11th, 12th, 18th, & 19th, New dates: March 5 – 6, 12 – 13, 2022 More details and sign-up available now at Medium Photo.

Guest speakers;

David Chickey & Elizabeth Avedon

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