Time Travel

Copyright Douglas Stockdale

I am using some ‘down-time’ between pitching my book-dummy for Instant Nomad to a few publishers for me to reconsider my edit of the book’s content. In this case I have a few photographs in the book-dummy that are very ambiguous as to the subject and place, which are very abstract and I think create a sense of mystery. The subject for these photographs is the in-process act of traveling, all of which were created in various airports across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Many of these photographs, including the one above, I find really interesting as to the potential subject, the ambiguous space, mystery as to who is being photographed, what they are doing, where they are going, and this one in particular, the almost dreamy color tones.

Nevertheless, the critical aspect that I need to consider is how this photograph might relate to a potential metaphor about anxiety and tension. Such as does the photograph put me on edge? Does it make me feel uncomfortable? Does the photograph reveal an element of the chaos that occurs during these trips? How does the photograph support the narrative, does it add another layer or more complexity to the story or does it detract from the story line?

Oh, as to the title of this article, the other aspect of this photograph is in the far horizon there is a white hot-spot in which my subject appears to be heading toward and that reminds me of the various sci-fi movies of a character going into a time-warp zone. In this case, for me this photograph is about a blurred memory, a time in the past, looking back at traveling.

This book is in an on-going developmental process and it is not over until the book is actually on-press.





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