Clean-up on Aisle Five

Quantum Elements, #4062, copyright 2021 Douglas Stockdale

Here in the States, such an announcement in a supermarket of a ‘Clean-up needed on some Aisle’, means that there is a mess that was made, such as perhaps some shopper dropped something and one of the staff needs to go fix what happen. Likewise, I have not been as diligent to make sure that all of the side-bar links to my articles are still functional on this art-blog, so this has been a little bit messy for awhile.

Some, like Susan Burnstine has determined that writing a blog (which she had featured my book Ciociaria) was not something she wanted to sustain, so she killed her blog (and my link). Likewise, my Lenswork interview about my Roadside Remberance (In Passing) is no longer functional. Maybe both of these sites and links have not been functional for a while, but performing some long overdue maintenance on this platform, I realize that these were dead links and a clean-up was in order. Done.

Discussing this clean-up also provides me a chance to feature the above photograph from my Quantum Elements series. This photograph is also about documenting how light can bend as described by particle physics, in conjunction with some visible caustic network highlights created by the sunlight moving through a second medium. This and many of the other Quantum Elements photographs look really intriguing when printed on the Hahnemuehle rag metallic after I make a slight tonal adjustment for a change in contrast and compensate for an over-warming of the image when printed on this medium. I really enjoy how printing on the rag metallic creates an almost visual three-dimensionality that really resonates with this series of image.

There is also something intriguing about this image that draws me, but at this moment I am not sure of what exactly it is. Perhaps it has something to do with the lighter middle region that is flanked and almost surrounded by the darker blues? Next step is to print this 24 x 36″ and see how the image holds up and what more it might tell me. Nevertheless, so far, so good with the 8-1/2 x 11″ trial prints…

(Update: this artwork looks really nice printed at 24 x 36″ as well.)




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