January 6, 2021 a date that will live in infamy

Anthropogenic Crisis No. 7608 copyright 2012/2022 Douglas Stockdale

Just as Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 became a date in infamy to a mid-twentieth century generation, the attack on American democracy on January 6th, 2021 is a date of infamy for a twenty-first century generation. On both of these days, American democracy was suddenly and deliberately attacked. And America preserved from the events on 1941, while the events on January 6th are known, but the consequences to the traitors who attacked this country are on-going.

Neither date in infamy should ever be forgotten.

This photograph from my Anthropogenic Crisis series seemed apropos for todays memorial of January 6th, as to the similarities of the many columns of smoke rising from the many ships bombed in Pearl Harbor in 1941. Likewise, this represents the ongoing attack on earth’s climate by mankind’s greed and lust for power that has parallels to last year’s events on this same day.

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