Cooling Earth – Future Rock

Anthropogenic Crisis No. 6856 (Warming Water) copyright 2017/2022 Douglas Stockdale

When following the news about the climate, I will also come across something that might be a little bit broader in scope. In this case it is the recent news that the earth’s molten core is cooling about 1.5 times quicker than what scientist had thought. What this means is that earth will resemble Mars a little sooner than we thought. So when the earth’s core is stone cold, the good news is that there will be no volcanos or earthquakes, while the bad news is there will be no gravitational pull and thus no atmosphere where our current air supply resides. bummer.

We depend on the earth’s molten core to survive and even our moon still has a partial molten core which accounts for its gravitational pull, but as we know, the moon has no atmosphere. Earth will go through various phases as its core cools and at some point before it is completely solid rock , earth will look much like the moon, which is pretty barren.

The good news is that we are talking about events that will occur millions and millions of years in the future. Scientist really do not have much of an idea of when this will occur, but I am guessing that they might develop an educated guess over the next thousand years as they monitor what is happening. Earth’s time is still pretty vague, since the scientist estimate earth’s ‘age’ at 4.54 billion years old (plus or minus 50 million years), while our solar system is estimated to be 11 to 13 billion years old (yep, plus or minus a billion years). So maybe earth will be a solid rock in 100 million or even a billion years from now.

Although I find this subject interesting, the earth’s rate of cooling is not really much of current worry. Nevertheless we need to ensure that mankind has the best quality of life until then and not bring everything to a premature end. Thus, my concern about what is happening to our environment and the rate of climate change due to the increasing amount of greenhouse gases. Every little bit helps.

For the photograph above, this was taken on Maui in 2017 and although I am not much of an ocean-scape photographer, this sunset from the front yard of our rental house was very beautiful. I find it interesting in how this photograph in my archive and resulting image resonates with my current environmental series. The blue under the cloud could be thought of looking similar to a ‘normal’ blue sky, while the red hue of the sky above the cloud, as well as the expanse of sea, appears more ominous and strange. Another representation of how our environment is out of sorts.

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