Ukraine Crisis

Anthropogenic Crisis  No. 090521 (Ukraine Crisis) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale

Although I have been working on an environmental art project, Anthropogenic Crisis, related to climate change driven by global warming of the oceans, I cannot look away from the rapidly unfolding geopolitical crisis in Ukraine created by a mad Neo-Nazi leader in Russia. This is a dire and immediate issue for the people of Ukraine.

I was in the process of developing the image above as the Ukraine crisis was unfolding and I realized that this is also a metaphor for the events in Ukraine; a dark and troubled sky overhead of a sea that is slowly turning red. The turbulent sky has hints of red symbolizing the turmoil created by the Russia invasion and the reddish tint of the sea could symbolize the blood that is in the streets of Ukraine; that of the men, women and children that the Russian soldiers are wantonly killing.

What really makes me upset are the American Republicans who are cheering this Neo-Nazi Russian leader and supporting his deadly invasion of a free and democratic country. We need a blue-wave Democratic vote during the 2022 mid-term elections, as if we did not have an enough reasons already.

A very concerned American who is very worried about the people of Ukraine and their democracy,




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