Kyiv (Remembering Guernica) Number II

Kyiv (Remembering Guernica) Number II, copyright 2020/2022 Douglas Stockdale

This is the second version of my Kyiv (Remembering Guernica) artwork, a slight modification of what I published yesterday.

The image now has a landscape orientation, which resonates in that Kyiv and Guernica are both cities and for me I visualize urban landscapes as horizontals. Visually this also symbolic of the orientation of Ukraine to Russian, with Russia to the right of Ukraine, both physically and politically. This image orientation also has a greater proportion of the reddish tonalities on the right side that creates an emphasis of the brutal Russian army advance.

The color is slightly tweaked, modifying both the blues and yellows to closer approximate the Ukraine flag. Fortunately the color modifications are also a win-win, as the resulting colors are now a better color match to the papers I am printing on; far less out-of-gamut occurring. It feels like the underlying tension is even more viable as this artwork puts me on edge.

After my smaller test print at 8-1/2 x 11″, I then printed this as a 22 x 17″ image floating on a 24 x 30″ sheet. This artwork looks really interesting and provocative. The image is sized and ready to go the next step for a 40 x 50″ print.





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2 thoughts on “ Kyiv (Remembering Guernica) Number II

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  1. Doug, thank you for taking a clear stance on the invasion of Ukraine – unfortunately rare in our photographic patch of the web.
    The second version indeed works better for me, it does not have the brooding, threatening colors of the image you posted on March 1st, and is certainly more palatable when that dreadful war has ended

    1. Markus, thanks on all accounts and I appreciate the feedback as to your perception of this artwork. Perhaps the first version is for the current state of affairs while the second version is applicable to the potential aftermath?

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