Marshall Fire Aftermath

Anthropogenic Crisis No. 6227 (Melting City) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale

One alternative to what I discussed yesterday that I might consider with the photographs I made in the aftermath of Colorado’s Marshall Fire is to create black and white conversions. These images, like the one above, would result in a very subtle graphic ‘abstraction’ of the actual chaos resulting from this Climate Change event.

I suspect that I need to start developing a book-dummy to see how black and white images would visually flow when interspersed and sequenced with the more surreal color images, such as this one. Alternatively, the black and white might be a stand alone book that deals with the ‘reality’ of climate change. I just don’t know yet and suspect that I need to noodle this over some more. My initial concept did not include this type of reality, so this is changing the whole scope of the project. Mind you, that is not a bad thing, just a wonderful expansion on an idea as another way to help with the narrative about the dangers of climate change.

In my research about the Marshall Fire, one of the comments in a related interview is that “this is something that happens in California, not Colorado“. Due to the water drought, higher temperatures and accidental fires, these types of catastrophic fire events are occurring across the entire Western United States: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and even Oregon, as well as California. Sadly, and probably for a long time yet to come, this could be the new normal and if we don’t make policy changes to reduce greenhouse gases, it will only get worse.





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