Earth Day & the mighty pen

Alan Gignoux, Mountain Tops to Moonscapes, copyright 2012

While recently discussing Earth Day and what I can do about affecting climate change, I sort of had a brain fart and skipped over one of the most important elements that I have at hand; my editorial capabilities to write and discuss the issues of climate change. Okay, so my social media reach of this art/photo blog are not that immense, likewise for the few who follow me on my other social media channels, such as Instagram (@douglasstockdale). BUT I do have a bit larger voice thru my virtual art magazine, PhotoBook Journal, where I can feature artist books who investigate this daunting subject. Sometimes I take this book review magazine’s capabilities too much for granted.

As part of Earth Day (week), I just publish my review of Alan Gignoux’s artist book Mountain Tops to Moonscapes. Gignoux has documented the complex coal mining landscapes of the American Appalachia, that includes parts of Eastern Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and extends into parts of Ohio and Georgia. An artist book worth checking out if you are interested in a devastating coal mining process that has eliminated 500 mountain tops and created immense environmental issues for this region. And yes, Gignoux’s artist books does unfold to reveal this huge landscape photograph, above, of a rapidly disappearing mountain top.

I have been thinking about the photographic books I review for PBJ, versus the other contributing editors, and I have decided that my focus needs to be on those books which explore, discuss and illustrate the on-going issues with climate change. I can effectively provide a broader voice to these artists, photographers and their related publications that might make a difference.

I have also recently brought on another PBJ book reviewer, Brian O’Neill, who is working on his Ph.D. in environmental sociology, as a contributor with a strong perspective on this subject. I have a feeling that I will be interested in other like minded writers and book reviewers for PBJ. Environmentally cool!





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