Reflecting on my Anthropogenic Crisis project…


Last year at this time, I was just starting out on the development of my Anthropogenic Crisis series. I was then and still am today, extremely concerned about the steadily increasing climate (heating) changes. Thus my inspiration to work on a series that might imagine what our landscape and climate might look like sometime in the future if we did not make some drastic changes now. Essentially this series is meant to be a Call to Action!

I envisioned that as I developed this series, I could start getting some attention to our worsening issues of climate change. Well, by the end of this year, ABC News (and others) began an on-going series of programs about Climate Change. I will have to admit that ABC News has a HUGE media microphone and if anyone was going to get this critical message, they would after their series hit the airwaves. I am also coming to understand that most progressive and informed individuals realize the pending environmental issues and those that don’t were choosing to bury their heads far into the sand for reasons I don’t understand. Okay, part is ignorance, not caring, political affiliation (guess which party!) and sometime might thinking that it could be really true, but due to a blind allegiance, tout their party line to deny its existence. So essentially one third of Americans are not going to accept this environmental issue and I am pretty sure no matter how creative my art is, they will not change their minds. Meanwhile I feel that my Anthropogenic Crisis images are essentially preaching to the choir.

My point is, then why should I continue to work on the Anthropogenic Crisis?

I will have to say that the short answer is that I am intrigued in the images that result from my process, such as the photograph above. I can never tell what might result when I start the process of changing each photograph, so that is part curiosity and intrigue. The landscape photograph that results is so visually unusual that I am find myself wondering about the next photograph I experiment with might look like. Essentially I am drifting from my original concept, but that’s okay with me. I just realize that I do not have the same urgency to develop this work.

Btw, working on this project this year did result in my curating an environment landscape exhibit with SouthEast Center of Photography (SEC4P) last October, so that was a great upside. And the climate change issues are continuing, so maybe a continuing Call to Action is still needed; my project and other similar exhibitions like SEC4P are still required to obtain more governmental funding, faster implementation of needed infrastructure changes and a continuing dialog among public stake holders.

I have been recently experimenting with cyanotype printing and below is a faux-color digital ‘what-if’ version of the above photograph as to what a cyanotype print might look like. Regretfully, a potential cyanotypes for the Last Iceberg series does not appear to create as much visual angst compared to the photograph above, as this photograph below looks like maybe it was actually photographed in the Arctic. (it was not!). I will probably print one of the Last Iceberg series photographs as a cyanotype to confirm my suspicions. Or maybe this cyanotype needs to be painted or overlay with a Gum dichromate layer? That would actually approach the version above. Hmmmmm. The wheels are turning…

So, I will continue to work on the Anthropogenic Crisis project in 2023, perhaps just without the same amount of intense urgency to get the message out. So if you hear of someone who is interested in an environmental awareness exhibition and is in need of a curator to help with the vision, let them know of my availability.

Cheers & make every day an Earth Day!



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