Photographic Image Titles


Monrovia Canyon, Spring

 Monrovia Canyon, Spring

Okay, to my point that I was trying to make yesterday (I think that folks at WordPress must have thought that I needed an extra day to reflect on this subject). I do title or name my photographic images. There has been some recent discussions as to whether naming or titling should be needed, required or does it create issues with the viewers as the the content of the image. I feel that putting a title on an image is soley the option of the artist. If my titles further confonds or clarifies or encombers the viewer as to all of the (potential) hidden messages or neuances of the image, that is a risk that I don’t mind taking. Just taking a photograph and then refining and tweaking and showing the resulting image is a big step, so what is the problem with taking the extra creative step of also providing a title?

I have chosen to place titles to hopefully place a context to the image. The image above was created in Monrovia Canyon, which is located in the foothills of Southern California, last year during the Spring rains. As it was taken in May, I have also made this my homepage image for the month of May. I also like to think of may images as methaphors, but as my friend Colin (blog: Photostream) has reminded me, my methaphors are mostly in my mind and not very obvious in the image or the title. So be it. Thus I do try to share my metaphors as well other technical information about the image when I publish my monthly newsletters. As an example, for me, the flow of water is not unlike the flow of time and almost as plastic a quality as it appears in this image. and I am not sure of how to put that in a title, thus I will go with a middle ground of providing some of the where and when.

 Best regards, Doug

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