Searching for the soul of the Landscape

Stand of Trees

Stand of Trees

I was reading Nick Brandt’s book On This Earth, where he writes of his photographing technique in the Afterward. It struck a cord within me as being similar to what I have found that I am doing when photographing the landscape. He states (my excerpts) “I don’t use telephoto lens….I want to get a real sense of intimate connection…..that being that close to the animal makes a huge difference in the photograper’s ability to revel its personality…..You wouldn’t take a portrait of a human being with a telephoto lens from a hundred feet away and expect to capture their soul (my emphsis); you’d move in close.”

I found that when I began to photograph the landscape, even though I was trying very hard to photograph the landscape in the “grand” manner (aka an Adams landscape that was a popular standard in the 1970’s), my images that were created in a smaller scale and more intitmate were my stronger images. My middle scale landscape images do connect me with the ground, rocks and trees, perhaps like Brandt, I feel like I am trying to get closer to their essence and capture their soul.

Best regards, Doug

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