A Series becomes a Project



Looking back, I have always been thinking in terms of groups of photograhs, mostly thematic landscape groups. Occasionally I will fnd that I am interested in a particluar group of images that have a stronger unifying “glue” and then I begin to group these together as a series. Then I read the artilce (seems like most have) by Brooks Jenson on artitistic “projects”, but a different way of thinking about a series. A way that made a difference in the number of series that I was casually collecting. Considering how long that I have been cataloging my various series, it was time to overhaul my process.

So, last year I decided to re-vamp my serial collections and see which had enought merit to develop into a serious project. As a result, I quickly had three projects in progress and a list of potentials. Concurrently, I still make the singular landscape images, for which I have not decided if these merit the classification of a project, but for now, no matter.

My three projects are on-going at the moment, but I have realized that one has become my lead project, of which the image Randy, above, is from. This project (also on my website as Project 1) has over 25 images and a working title that seems to get changed each week. And it has been changing as well in how I treat it. It is part documentary, part landscape, alot of presonal interpatation, and much different than my other singular images. There is risk with diverting off my main photographic path, but there is also potential growth and development that is part of the reward for the risk. Part of my current problem is what to do with these images? Honestly, I do not see people wanting to buy these images, so they are not for sale. But I enjoy this project so I continue on…..

 Best reagards, Doug

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