Bad Trip – Sad Trip

Fading Memories

Fading Memories

The working title to my project is “Bad Trip – Sad Trip”, a project title that changes a little each day. While I was in Shanghai last month, I was trying to have a “chop” or stamp made for this project title. It does not translate easily, and as close as we could get was “Sad Journey”. That works too and very much one in the same.

I am considering this project for submission to a gallery and they need an artist statement for this body of work. This is the hard part, writing about what this project is. When I started this project, it was more of a documentation series. But as I have spend time interacting with these momorials and returning a number of times over the years, you become more familiar with the circumstances, more about who was involved and who was left behind. And I see the effects of time and the context of these within the environment. And the connection and emotions I have become altered.

Thus this series has changed and is now a different project that I had ever planned. So how do I write about that? The mother of the 17 year old boy who was killed by a hit and run driver, who approached me while I was working with his memorial, her emotions still raw, but she seemed appreciative of what I was trying to accomplish. It was difficult to explain to her at the time what I was trying to do, and it still is. I have started a draft and I will continue writing. If I can’t get the words down, perhaps I’ll consider submitting next year.

Best regards, Doug

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