My derivative work

LA 405 Memorial 

LA 405 Memorial

As I had stated yesterday, I was going to make another drive-by photograph of the “Persistant” LA memorial that is on the 405. But I do realize that the resulting image is totally out of character with the rest of the series. Almost consistent. I like the image a lot as it has a lot of implications that I associate with these memorials. Just don’t know if it “fits”.

So I am going to work on two fronts, figure out a way to photography the Persistant memorial that is consistent with the current body of work, but also start re-photographing some of the other memorials with this drive-by methodology. Thus I find myself working on a derivate project series, related, but different.

And of course the internal discussion as to why I like this image and why re-do the series and what am I trying to accomplish, etc, etc, etc.

Best regards, Doug

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