Bad Trip – Sad Trip, Take 2

Fading Memories

Fading Memories

After a lot of consideration, I have decided to eliminate the diffusion effects from images of the Bad Trip – Sad Trip series. The final catalyst for the decision came as a result of the drive-by image for the Presistent LA memorial.

What I now understand is the emotional effect that these road side memorials have on me as I am driving. They are there, but not really seen or noticed. That effect of noticing something in the semi aware state of driving long distances and not understanding what it is that is bothering me. A blurred vision that in a sense I was trying to achieve with the diffusion effect, but that was not providing the true emotional connection. Close, but not really it. I had to dig in, really work it to better understand it.

Now I have to re-work each of the images of this series, which means that I am not working on my other projects, but that is okay. I have just disconnected the series on my web site and scrubbed the diffusion images of the series off the server.

So as I rework each image, I will slowly add the series back to my web site and start working the next phase of this project, how do I present these images in a serial progression? If these images were in a book or on the walls of a gallery, how do I tell the story? (okay, is there a story?) This is an opportunity that I have to build some further soul into this series.

Best regards, Doug

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