That’s life

I had planned to get my Epson 4800 roll feed working and take a whack at making a very wide landscape print, but instead, I’m replacing a 15 year old garage door opener. ….best made plans of mice and men…

Best regards, Doug

Continuing on…. The first step is to remove the old garage door opener, but after a couple of initial attempts, the REAL first step is to open the recent gift of 18 year old Highland Park. Over ice and a splash of water, thank you. Okay, now where was I?…..

….okay, now a little later:- ) The old opener is now down and the new assembly has started. But Pizza was just delivered! Did I mention that I had ordered pizza? Anyhow, now refresh the ice and a little more Scotch. It does go well with pizza. my interest is wanning on the garage door opener and it’s begining to look a lot like a two day project. Opps, I just opened Photoshop. Oh darn, I guess I might as well tinker with a couple of images while I enjoy the pizza. bye bye.

Last update (I hope)….I did update three images for the Bad Trip – Sad Trip Portfolio and added them to my studio web site and that helps my disposition a bunch. So back to the garage to try and finish this project tonight. Perhaps I won’t refill the Scotch on the way….

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