Art Business 101 – Introduction

LA 405 Memorial

…I had recently commented on a blog about the business of art and it was written as a satire. After talking to a bunch of other artist, I may have not been too far off the mark. Artist learn to create art, not how to market and sell it.

After a couple of requests, I am going to start a new series on this blog about the business of being an artist, focusing on the basics, or what we would call in College, the 101 class. My goal is to publish an art business article ever Friday. From my many discussions with artist who have BFA’s and MFA’s, this is not the stuff that is taught in fine arts school. As an audience, this is going to be written for those who want to have a career as as a (Fine Arts) Artist, not neccessarily as a commerical artist, but both should benefit, especially if a commerical artist wants to go on their own and open a commercial studio.

I will discuss the Business Strategy, the Business Plan the Marketing Plan. The Business Strategy is the very big picture about what you are doing, the Business Plan gets into the details of what you are doing and the Marketing Plan gets into the 4 P’s of Marketing: product, place, promotion and price. I will try my very best to put all of this into very understandable terms, as one of my business services is coaching and training (a.k.a organizational development).

I will share my experience as the chief maketing executive for my (non-artist) corporation (also the Chief Executive Officer & President, more about that at another time) and 25+ years of working for and selling to Fortune 500 companies, as well as a co-owner of a very successful retail gallery/framing/art materials store for six years. I also have a Masters in Business Administration (Small business emphasis), launched three successful businesses as well as multiple product lines for large corporations. I now can say with a very high degree of authority, that the business basics that work for a large corporation are the same for a tiny small artistic business. and I can not think of anything nicer than being able to do what you love to do and make a good living as well…

 Best regards, Doug


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