Planned Haphazardness

Tree Grove, Warsaw

…One of the good things that occurs while I have a heavy client load and doing a lot of driving, etc., is the opportunity to be reflective about the issues I am facing in life as well as thoughts about my photographic process.

I wrote about creativity recently and I have been in a couple of on-line discussions with others as well on the subject. I have found that my “creativity” is improved as I contemplate what I might be making images about before arriving at my distination. Somewhat in the line of pre-visualization, which is more than standing before your subject and taking the optimal exposure, so that you raw data is the best fit for your output (print).

Sometimes my pre-visualization of a specific area is good, somethimes not, that sometime events occur that makes the whole experience go sideways. Not a bad thing, just something else happened, a different experience and perhaps a whole lot of serindipity, or chance. But I have found that I do more creative work with the pre-planning.

I like to arrive thinking about a subject and be a little prepared. But I also am very open to chances, thus the “planned haphazardness”. When I am in the field photographing and I get into a zone, then the photography experience starts to take over and what and where I will take the next exposure becomes very haphazard. I act, then react to what I just did and repeat that cycle over again. Mind you I did not say that I was not contemplating and thinking while I act/react, but now it is not as well planned but more spontanenous as to where I may move and do next.

Thus as I find that I may be heading back to China for a little longer duration, perhaps two or three trips this summer, what series or project would I like to work on? Something new? Or a continuation of someting in progress? Better for me to think about this now than going, shooting a bunch of images and then try to make sense of them afterwards. Planning now for my haphazard experiences….

Best regards, Doug

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