…Last week I was working my way through the changes to my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip, eliminating the diffussion filtering and slowly updating all of my back ups, etc. Also a heavy travel week for my client projects, but as so happens, one door opens to another. I take a local toll road for my commute and so I do not get on any sooner than I can, so there is a stretch of this tollroad that I very infrequently drive, unless I really have to.

So last week, I needed to drive this stretch of the tollroad, got into my long distance drive mode, getting the radio on the right set of tunes and thinking ahead of things to be done. “What the….what was that?” Coming around the bend I passed something on the side of the tollroad kinda hinden in the brush. I was pretty sure that I just passed a relatively new roadside memorial. This bugged me all day. What did I get a glimpse of?? This is my subsequent impression….

Best regards, Doug

Update: I am not really happy with the quality of the image for this post, as I have to upload a small image at a medium jpg setting. There are some qualities of the image that need a better presentation, thus I have just added it to my Bad Trip – Sad Trip portfolio and you can look at a larger image at a higher resolution image here.

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  1. There are lots of roadside memorials here in NC as well as in TX, where I used to live. I’m noticing them even more thanks to your project. :-) Truthfully, though, I’ve never stopped to look at one. Are these memorials markers where people have actually been killed in a traffic accident? Or are they memorials that people just place along the highway for maximum visibility?

    An interesting project, Doug.

  2. Paul,

    I was in San Antonio after starting this series, I only found one road side memorial in that part of South Texas. Perhaps there are more in the Dallas area. It has been a long time since I was in NC and I have no recall of seeing any, but then I was not looking for them at the time.

    Every one of these memorials mark where there was a fatality, a lot were car accidents, one was a woman who was walking next to the road (no sidewalk) & accidently killed by a car, one was of a older boy riding his bike and killed by a hit and run driver (still unsolved). Sometimes I find out some information about what had occured, sometimes I need to do my own interputation of what might have occured.

    I believe that that people are putting these up as a part of their grief process, a visible morning, and perhap to also publicly announce their loss of a loved one. A lot of reasons, each as individual as the monumnet that has been left. All visible reminders…

    Best regards, Doug

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