Serial series

Tree Grove, Warsaw

….seems that one project series is the food for thought that can generate ideas for another series. So now I am now considering another series that resulted from a current series. Am I clear???

Okay, here is what has recently happened: First, I found that static landscape images are not working for me as much any more.  So I am now seeking to make landscape images witha sense of life and soul, a little movement evident. Thus I more interested in landscape images during windy days, such as the one with this message, made on a windy evening in Indiana.

That sense of movement and wanting to avoid a static image led me to the drive-by images of my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip. I like them. So I have experimented further on another new series, LA Landscape, photographs made driving up and down the I-405 freeway on the way to a client (still developmental series, but fun). I now have another new client, but in a more rural location, thus another new series, Southern California Rural, made from I-15. But I have to get up REALY early, O-dark early for the new client commute. So I am making dawn/sun-rise images that are a little looonger exposure. Egads, these are very different, so now another new series. But very cool. …and fun too. Opps, is an artist suppose to have fun? Don’t I have to be serious? …and I am now getting off on a satire rant. Time to close, but I hope I made my point; one good (creative) thing can lead to another….

Best regards, Doug

2 thoughts on “Serial series

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  1. Doug, it will be interesting to see what you come up with. Drive-bys can make some interesting photographs! I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Paul, lets see what I can sort out for a quick image when I return back home this weekend :- )

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