Santa Rosa Plateau Memorial

Brian & Nate

Separation, copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale

…Last week was an interesting series of events when I became aware of two new road side memorials. I posted about one yesterday, and I found my self working on the new stuff again, so I am able to discuss this image. Yesterday, I started a dialog about how I choose one image over another. I find that with digital, I am shooting more alternatives for a given image.

I had stated earlier in the week that I had made a few “snaps” for this image, but in fact, I had 36 exposures from various viewpoints and visual effects. My take away from the day’s shoot was that I would probably have to go back because I knew that this darn roadside barrier was between me and the memorial. Then I wrote yesterdays post and reflecting on the barrier present in that image, perhaps having a barrier included had it’s own connetations. So I went through my images for the Santa Rosa Plateau memorial with fresh eyes and a little more open attitude about possiblities.

This image Separation is a very compeling image and provides the suggestion that I want to draw out. The strong diangle of the barrier through the image really divides the image as well as suggesting the physical seperation of us from the memorials, thus the victums. And the barrier is very solid, while the memorial is very transit, especially with the recently added flowers. Last, I have found two memorials in as many days that have these physical barriers, where there has been none to date before this. The two recent images complement each other, so I have paired them up on my web-studio site as well.

On another note, I still have some internal strife about the naming of my images, but I feel that this issue will eventually come to pass eventually as well, but I just know that I do not feel consistent. The name of the person in the accident associated with the Santa Suzanna location is Candice, so why name one image with the victum and another image with a location??? I think I need to think some more about the differences between discribe and suggest and apply that to my titles….probably some more re-editing again :- )

Best regards, Doug

2nd Update: The original name for this imag was “Brian & Nate“, then changed to Schlechte Reise  and I have since renamed Separation it to make it more consistent with what I want the image to suggest. Schlechte Reise is the Deutsch wording for “Bad Trip” and I feel too obsecure for the use in the U.S.

1st Update: just to be accurate, Colin (blog: Photosteam) was discussing the difference between “show something” vs. “suggest something”. To “discribe something” is my paraphrase, but perhaps I am getting to like Colin’s use of the term “show” a little more.

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