Back in the studio…

Yountville July 2007

Yountville, July 2007

…the drive back from Napa took a little longer as I suspected, hitting the LA traffic in the afternoon peak time. That added about two hours to the drive. Yuk! But I did stop by the framers and pick up the framed Tired Bones for OCMA, and it looks niceeee.

The Yountville image above is one of Keller’s resturaunts, which I dined at. I first had to wait about 1/2 hour for the clouds to drift into place.  My first look and the sky was a vacant but clear blue, then I noticed a little cloud floating into the image. So looking around the big tree on my immediate left, I saw the rest of the cloud formation that was on the move and decided that these clouds would frame the palm trees much better. Yes, this is the palm tree image that I mentioned a number of days ago.

As to the resturant, I think the French Laundry is much better known of the three Kellers in Yountville, which has three stars from Michillen (spelling?) and a two month waiting list.  For ad hoc I could drop in and eat at the bar. Fixed menu, varies daily, very nice! Smaller selection of wines, with most of the locals bringing in their own bottles. Still the Pinot Noir that I sampled before dinner and the Cab with diner were very nice. Highly recommended!

Well I have downloaded the 3 Gig of images from this trip and I now have a bunch of work to do!

Best regards, Doug

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