Color alternatives

Woman motorcycle memorial - Napa

…While photographing my different series, I am intending to create most of the final images in Black & White, I have photographs that are very unique in color. And in this case with the long exposure and tail light streaks during a photograph made at late dusk, not an image that will easily translate directly to Black & White.  And so the Black & White conversion of this photograph may not make it into the Bad Trip – Sad Trip series, but I like this color version.

It also has its own meaning regarding this memorial and how I photographed it.  and to re-evaluate my series in a “new” light.

Best regards, Doug


One thought on “Color alternatives

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  1. Doug, please leave that image in color. For me it is all about color. And it’s beautiful.

    I have been struggling with the question of when to go to black and white. I just posted an idea about that on my blog at
    (not sure how to leave a better link here.

    Wayne Phillips,
    Boulder, Colorao

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