Organizing my series

Cross and Tree, Napa

Cross and Tree, Napa (from the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip)

I have not progressed to the point on my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip that I need to be thinking about the organization of the images, first on my web site and subsequently how would I arrange the images for an exhibit or in a book. Ideally all three of these organizations should be somewhat consistent.

Recently I have laid out the images on the floor to get a large overview look at them or I have been looking at the images as I have them posted on my gallery web site. My initial posting of this series on my web site was a first created, first posted. Thus the images were serially placed for no reason than thats the order I either photographed them or set up my files and created the final image. Okay, up to now not much thought the image flow.

Now I am becoming aware of my web gallery sequence and I am starting to adjust the order of images and where they appear. I do know that my lead image is Randy, which is the first image in the upper left (the Anglo reading process, left to right, top to bottom). So now I am thinking about how to anchor the series with the last image. Which one? As well as the series progresses, which images stay (the keepers) and which of the “weaker” children must go.

As a goal, I hope to have a basice sequence figured out by the end of this week end. I also have one empty spot in the web site that I need to fill in as well, and I have more than one candidate. hmmmm. Expect some changes, even after I proudly announce that I am “done”!

Ah, the creative process, you just gotta love it!

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Hi Doug, I’ve been through your “Bad trip – sad trip” a couple of times now, and I find your choice of lead image a good one. In my opinion, it is one of the strongest images of the series, but most important I think it is the image that captures the mood and purpose of the series best.
    I’m a bit puzzled about “Fleeting thoughts” as I can’t find out how it fit into the series. I like the image, maybe best of all, but I can’t really connect it to the series as it is way to abstract. On second thought, I also like it as part of the series since it breaks up and presents something different on the same topic. Something to wake up the audience. Maybe it appeared too soon, being the third image in your web gallery.

  2. I have not been absolutely sure about the inclusion of “Fleeting Thoughts”, and a related image, “Quasi-Awareness” as these are two very different ways of photographing and interacting with the landscape. I really appreciate your feedback, especially with regard to where it “occurs” in the series, such as on the web site. I will give this some more thought.

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