Juggling projects

Riverside 1

On further reflection after yesterdays post, I think that I am in the transition of juggling multiple projects.   One where most of the image making is complete for what I have photographed to date.  One where I am in the midst of developing the final images and a couple of projects where I have the raw data and starting to do the initial sorts.

And I finally did a quick review of the images from my Riverside project, which is my project five. Also appears that I will soon start a six month client project that will allow me to continue the Riverside series for a while. Actually, Interstate 15 (I-15) runs down the Westernly edge of Riverside County, so it really is a snapshot of only one portion of the county. So I need to rethink what the series is about.

Best regards, Doug


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  1. I like your pictures a lot. Though I find landscape interesting, I miss the human element in your photos. Do you do it in purpose? If you do, why?

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