Artistic Statement: Bad Trip – Sad Trip

City Intersection Fence  (From the project: In Passing)

I have been working on and off on the Artistic Statement for my project Bad Trip – Sad Trip (orignial working title) and I think that I have it finished for the moment. I still need to get permission from Simon Denison to quote him from his introduction to Quarry Land, his landscape series created in England.

I also find that I am returning to the images from this series and completing a little bit more fine tuning of the images. I’m just looking at the prints and seeing some little thing that needs to change. I do find that it helps to let an image rest unseen for a while and then come back to look at it again with fresh eyes. Are the parts of that image that captivated me still working? Is there anything which is running counter to the meaning that I was trying to achive?

For this image, City Intersection Fence, it is almost a complete opposite of the image from the Santa Rosa Plateau where the new guardrail acts as a barrier to the memorials. In this case, the fence creates the separation between the memorial and the trees and growing bushes, the stuff that is still alive. The plastic flowers on the memorial and the dried and decaying plants in the two jars at the base of the cross reinforce the separation and the difference in the two mental states. One side is a hard concrete walkway and on the other side is fertile dirt and earth.

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Below; City Intersection Fence  (From the project: In Passing)

City Intersection Fence

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