Cropping lesson

Shanghai at night2

Shanghai at night

After posting the previous message, I found myself rereading what I posted again (sometimes I need to re-edit a post as I am not always as elegant in my messages as I hope the first time). But when I looked at the image, I realized that I had fallen into a compositional trap.

I had become so focused (pun alert!) on the color of the freeway underpass and the take away string of car lights into the top quarter that I had not inspected all the edges of the image. In this case, I had left a very strong white area in the bottom right corner. That kinda of image highlight can pull your eyes away from what your subject might be. And for “Westerners”, a strong highlight in that corner can literially pull your vision out of the image. Not a potentially good thing.

So at first I was going to make a correction to my image file and then add a note to the previous message, such as “take your index finger and put it over the highlight and see the difference it makes”. Then I thought, heck, I’ve already made the change (image crop to delete this section and a smaller highlight on the left as well), so post it and make the difference in the images even more compelling. I hope you agree with me that the revise image is a much improved image.

Best regards, Doug

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