When is a photographic project finished?

Rock Ring with Sea Shells

Rock Ring with Sea Shells (from the originally titled series: Bad Trip – Sad Trip)

I have been working on my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip for over almost two years and as recently as today’s image, which I guess qualifies it as a Photo of the Day. In one sense, I felt that I have created a sufficient amount of images to effectively get my thoughts across about my meaning of these Folk Art Memorials. But from my reaction to another road side memorial, perhaps not.

So when do you find that a series or body of work is completed? I am not sure, and like most things, it probably depends upon the person and what/how they have emotional committed to it.

I do find that I still keep track of the local folk art memorials, noting the on going changes; fresh flower, missing parts and other relevent changes. I also find that I continue to re-evaluate the images that I have made and looking again at these memorials, thinking about could I prehaps present them in a different or more effect “light”.

I also know that I am not totally consumed with this one series now and I have initiated other projects. So perhaps the Bad Trip – Sad Trip series is going through a life cycle of its own. I also find myself thinking about how these folk art memorials differ through the USA, as I have only sampled a few regions at this point. And has been pointed out to me, there are the geographic folk art memorials that are spred over the world.

So perhaps to answer my own question, I guess a series is finished when you feel it is done and you need to move on. And I guess that this series is not quite as done as I thought it was.

BTW, this image was made of a fok art memorial that I happen to glance and see on our way back from Laguan Beach last month. It is tucked into a small area alone the road between a couple of large bushes, one of the bushes you can see in this image. There are a number of religous symbols and items that are here and it appears slightly different than the first time I saw it with the additional rock and sea shell ring. I do not know how long it has been there. It is easy to miss.

Best regards, Doug

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