Photo Editing

Santa Rosa Plateau Memorial

I think that editing is one of the harder tasks to do as an artist. When you are developing an image, what do you select, when do you start, what do you include, what do you exclude, when do you stop???

I love the no-bainers. Something magically seems to happen at the point capturing the initial exposure for us who are photographers. I hope that I have captured it and in our digital photography world, if I take a moment, I can verify it. Selecting the image is a no brainer and what to do with it is a no brainer, it just seems to tell you what to do, so you just do it. Easy.

It’s those borderline cases that can drive me up the wall. Like this image. I made it during the time I was working with the folk art memorial at the Santa Rosa Plateau, but does it fit with my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip?

This is one of those images that is very different from the others and I keep coming back to it.  Finally I have worked it with my black and white mojo. To me its a haunting image. More like an Ickabod Crane moment (a character in a scary story for those not familiar with the Headless Horseman). The horizontals are not horizontal, the sky is a complete wash out and nothing is really sharp in focus. More of one those suggestive images that I discuss about with Colin. And what am I exactly suggesting? Grrrr, I wish I knew. Perhaps the scariness & terror of death and dying.

I have read a bunch of advice on selecting the very best of your images and being ruthless in your editing. Every image having to have an exact purpose. Providing consistency in your message and intent. Thus this image has is on Hold for being included in this series as I am not sure that it “fits”.

But perhaps this image is part of another story, another developing series? I guess time will tell as I continue to let my images talk to me and hopefully I will understand.

Best regards, Doug

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