Photo of the Day: Self Portrait

Douglas Stockdale

I received a request for a photograph of myself from Photo Techniques Magazine and realized that it has been a long time since I had a photograph of the “creative” Doug Stockdale.  Thus my self assignment this morning was to create a reasonable self portrait, and now you understand why it is that I usually take the photos vs being in the photos.

Since I am in this moment of self-exposure you could say, it is as good as time as any to also answer the tag that I recieved from Paul Lester as to 7 things you did not know about me, and these are not in any order about significance;- )

First as I already hinted at, I don’t think that I photograph well.  But how did I do with this image? I have focused on the background framed picture to keep my features softer.  Also, that background framed image is an excellent image about my creative vision.  And the framed picture glass reflects the outside (back yard) which is also where I like to be.  The black shirt is not what I frequently wear, you are more likely to see me in either a Hawaiian (as I am now that this photo session is over) or a golf shirt.  And of course in the lower right corner are photos (not made by me) of our two grandkids, who are very important to me as is our entire family. I have a feeling that the grandkids will be croped out by Photo Techniques Magazine, but that does not mean that I have to crop them out in my self portrait!

Two; I have a sweet tooth.  I perfer dark chocolate and locally we have a store called Trader Joe’s which has a great dark chocolate covered orange slices (and there’s some in my fridge as I write).  For local chocolate, there is a chocolate store called Sees Candies and they have a dark chocolate Bordeaux which is wonderful!  I scored some points when I brought two boxes of Sees Candies with me on my trip to China.

Three; I have a sweet tooth and I really enjoy desserts, such as bread pudding, rasin pudding and a tart lemon pie.  My wife makes an awsome Key Lime pie.  My grandmother used to make cakes from scratch, with Angel Food cake being at the top of my list.  I can’t help thinking of her whenever I have Angel Food cake.

Four; my undergraduate school was Michigan State University (MSU) and I follow thir football team and I am a very unhappy camper this morning with their defense, who in the last quarter yesterday went brain dead. Yep, we lost to Wisconsin and we should not have. That’s my opinion and I am going to stick by it.

Five and six;  I enjoy hiking and walking trails.  Fly fishing is a good excuse as any to be out and would like to be able to do it a little more often.  And I am strickly catch and release. I do enjoy a nice trout dinner on occasion, even though these trout are the farm raised variety.  As they say, golf is good reason to ruin a nice walk.  My handicap is high because when given the choice, I will usually spend five hours on my photography than a round of golf, but its a lot of fun with my brother, son and son-in-law.

Seven; I also draw and paint, both with watercolor and acrylic.  My watercolors usually end up as tight renderings and my acrylic tend towards abstract flows.  Yes, I paint in color.  But I have been drawing and painting less and photographing more.

Now I was suppose to tag someone else with the 7 Unknowns, but I am not a big fan of chain letters and the such, but if I were to tag someone, hmmmmm….

Best regards, Doug

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