Photo of the Day: Culver exit memorial

Freeway Exit Memorial

Culver Exit – San Diego Freeway  (From the originally titled project: Bad Trip – Sad Trip) copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale

I don’t know how long this tiny memorial has been hiding in the shadows of these pine trees, but it is one of those small memorials hiding in plain site.  I saw it for the first time about two weeks ago as I was heading to a meeting, and it was one of those scenes that as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly how I was going to photograph it.  I knew the camera position, the lighting and how I expected to print this image so that the small memorial would come out of the shadows.  Sorry, but going back to my little yellow book by Minor White, Zone System Manual, How to Previsualize your Pictures, that was a total pre-visualization experience.

I had planned to photgraph this site later this afternoon.  That would place the sun in a position that would shine a lot of light in this area under the pines and I would be able to create the seperation in the values I wanted.  I also knew that I need to flatten my tripod enough to get the right composition.  I had made 35 exposures, but the one composition that I had anticipate was the one that was the most effective for what I needed to suggest.  Back in my studio, I worked the black and white adjustment layer to create more value seperation.  Nice.

Best regards, Doug

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