Transitional Seam update

Frontage Road Home

Frontage Road Home  (from the series: Transitional Seam)

In preparation for my trip to Europe and Asia starting next week, I am anticipating spending some time on my artistic statements for the various series that I have been working on recently.  For what I read, it is recommended that writing the artistic statement is where you should start your series from. That just not seem to work for me.  I have a pretty good idea of what I want to accomplish with a series, its just a lot harder for me to get it written down.

So as I was saying, while getting ready for this trip is when I found out that I kinda shot myself in the foot.  While rechecking my web site this morning, I just realized that I never provided the linkage between my project page to the actual project.  So I have been providing links back to my web page that led to no-where. What a goof!

Okay, that link is now fixed, so you can find a couple of my earlier images as this series has started to unfold.  I also realize that my emphsis seems to be getting images on my blog and not updating my web site.  I guess I look at my web site being much more static and that I will eventually get it updated.  So with that in mind, I also added this image, Frontage Road Home, to my web site for this series.

I had published this image on this blog earlier in the year.  But since then I have modified the title, from House to Home, corrected the right side dip and modified the tonal range to be more in line with what is really there and what I experienced.  The title change is what interests me most, the other two image adjustments are not as important.

While working on the series, A Sideways Glance, during which I initially made this image.  My feelings and preception were a lot more disconnected with who ever is living here, thus my initial title using House. The word House does not make a personal connection with those who live here and call this house their home.  At 75 mph, this was a house, stopping in front of it and really looking and seeing how they live, now I see a home. 

As I work on my iteration of that series, I have slowed down, actually stopped and now making a careful connection with those who are living in this area.  My external and internal perspective has changed, part of the reason that I know that this is a new series, versus a continuation of the earlier series.

Best regards, Doug

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