My Hand Made Book – paring images

This morning I printed my latest pairing of images for my hand made book, that of the Heart Broken Fence and Halloween Costume, both of which I photographed earlier this week and recently posted images of. I am now finding myself making some more image adjustment tweaks to help ensure the continuity of the pairing.  For those reading this book, they may not know that these two images were taken 150 feet apart and within minutes of each other. But I do.

When I worked on both of these images in PSC3, I processed them individually as seperate stand along Singular Images.  Which if that was how they would be considered, would be okay, even if grouped with the other images in the series, such  as in a gallery exhibit.  But paired opposite each other, I found that they helped me see some tonal details that I had initially overlooked with both of them.  So both of these images had another round of tweaks, but as a result, I like both of them even more as Singular Images as well as being paired together. 

Very interesting process;- )

Best regards, Doug


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