Heart Broken Fence

Heart Broken Fence

Heart Broken Fence  (from the originally titiled project: Bad Trip – Sad Trip) copyright 2007 Douglas Stockdale

This is the other Victorville road side tribute memorial that is located about 150 feet from the Halloween Costume image I made earlier this week.   The other memorial you can see from the I-15 freeway, but this one is not really evident until I was on the frontage road.  They are so close to each other, but it does not seem that they are related in any way.

I had written about Objectivity earlier this month and for me, this image is ahother case in point. I made a number of images of the heart shaped memorial and then made some close up images of the tribute of flowers that are attached to the broken fence.  But standing back and pausing to seeing this all together, I also found myself bringing in the Yacca plant into the composition on the left, as a rather modern and abstract figurative cross. It just seemed right, whether this memorial is for some one who is a Christian or not. Thats my subjectivity coming into the image.

This and the Halloween Costume images are now tentatively going to be paired together in my book. Now to figure where, as I have already decided which two other images are coming out.

Best regards, Doug

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