Resuming the local flow

Road to New Custom Home Lost

I think I am now past the Germany/China trip jet lag and getting back to my local artistic flow; but some changes have since occured. Just before I left for Euorpe and Asia, we had the local wild fires for a week here in Southern California, then gone for three weeks, then the Thanksgiving holiday coupled with the jet lag.  Meanwhile the season has changed, we have the time change with Daylight savings time (morning light and very little late afternoon light) and my own time away.

So when I started to drive out to the Inland Empire again, it was sans camera.  I just had to experience it again with only my eyes, head and heart and without a glass lens between me and my experiences. So after 5 weeks, did I feel the same about the series that I was so excited about before the fires?

There are some subtle differences and changes, but I find that there the few changes (both within me and the landscape) and that I again see the similar things that I saw before and the same feelings are being rekindled.  So this morning was a photo morning, stopping at a location that I had found during the week of the fires.  As mentioned above, the light is different, not bad or fabuous, but different.  I think that I am getting engaged again in my latest series, Transitional Seam;- )

I will need to rethink my photographing strategy, and of course the morning light is quickly on the wane as is the late afternoon light.

Best regards, Doug

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